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Roof rack

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So one of the things I really wanted when I was looking to buy another Jeep, was for it to have most of the mods done to it already. When I found this one, I remember really liking the roof rack. It’s a Kargo Master Safari. As silly as it sounds, I have always wanted one. There you have it. Then, I ordered a Hi-Lift Extreme jack and mounting hardware for it, and a shovel. The Hi-Lift Extreme is a monster. Nothing like the original Hi-Lift. I love the quality. Verrry heavy. I drove around with the jack in the back seat until the hardware (on backorder) came in from Quadratec. I installed it at night in the parking lot, because I just couldn’t wait. It now sits perfectly on the passenger side of the roof rack with the shovel (which took me forever to pick out) on the driver side.

Here is the Hi-Lift with the free neoprene cover.


Here is the shovel.




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So I started by removing the previous owner’s stickers. I liked the way it looked with none for a while, then decided to throw one or two on. Of course, I had a Quadratec one, so I put it on there. Then, I contacted all the manufacturers of all the gear that was already installed and asked for one of their stickers. Most were glad to oblige….free advertising and all. Soon, I ordered something from Morris 4×4, and got a sticker. You guessed it.
Here’s how the passenger side rear window looks now:



Of course, I couldn’t leave the other side bare. So I decided to get some stickers that represented places Jen and I had been to and liked, as well as stickers that represented where we were from or grew up.
Here’s how the driver side rear window looks now:



Lastly, in case there was any doubt, I put an XJ sticker on the rear window so people driving behind me wouldn’t have wonder what type of cool Jeep was in front of them.
Back window:


Sadly, I have received no responses (or stickers for that matter) from Rubicon Express, Cherry Bomb, or Skyjacker…all of which have equipment that proudly adorn good ol’ Rescue Green.

My 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ

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Well, I decided to create a blog for my Jeep Cherokee. Obviously, I like it. Others may too. It’s still a work in progress but I bought it with most of the things I would have put on it. I got it from a guy in Pennsylvania. I probably paid a little bit more than what it’s worth, but I don’t regret it. I still look for similar Jeeps for sale and can’t find one like it…yet. As the name implies, it is Rescue Green. That color certainly did not exist in 1999 when it was built. The previous owner painted it that color, which is the 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK color. Unique to say the least. First thing I had to do when I brought it back home to Virginia was change the drive shaft. It was making a horrible chirping and squeaking sound that drove me insane. Now it drives wonderfully. It sits in the parking lot right now waiting for more attention. More specs and details in the next posts…


There it is….as it sat in the last owner’s driveway before I drove off with it