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So I started by removing the previous owner’s stickers. I liked the way it looked with none for a while, then decided to throw one or two on. Of course, I had a Quadratec one, so I put it on there. Then, I contacted all the manufacturers of all the gear that was already installed and asked for one of their stickers. Most were glad to oblige….free advertising and all. Soon, I ordered something from Morris 4×4, and got a sticker. You guessed it.
Here’s how the passenger side rear window looks now:



Of course, I couldn’t leave the other side bare. So I decided to get some stickers that represented places Jen and I had been to and liked, as well as stickers that represented where we were from or grew up.
Here’s how the driver side rear window looks now:



Lastly, in case there was any doubt, I put an XJ sticker on the rear window so people driving behind me wouldn’t have wonder what type of cool Jeep was in front of them.
Back window:


Sadly, I have received no responses (or stickers for that matter) from Rubicon Express, Cherry Bomb, or Skyjacker…all of which have equipment that proudly adorn good ol’ Rescue Green.


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