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Well, like many others, Thanksgiving was out of town for us. We made the choice to travel in a Jeep Unlimited JK, rather than good ol’ Rescue Green, since there was an eight hour drive involved. It is always a nice drive, either there or back, particularly when we do it during daylight hours. There are so many examples of pristine nature as you head out further and further from Washington. We made sure to bring the camera this time, since we’d forgotten it so many other times. Thanksgiving was like it was supposed to be; happy, loud, filling, busy, and memorable. We also drove around quite a bit while there, which is always a pleasure because there really isn’t another state quite like Tennessee. The Knoxville region is particularly enchanting for us. There is a mixture of everything: beautiful mansion-like homes, horse farms, small quaint log homes in more rural areas, and lush green nature. There is-to me-an unusual amount of abandoned homes. Some of these seem Iike they could date back to the Civil War era, or late nineteenth century.

One of my favorite things to enjoy there is the abundance of off-road garages and repair shops (Skidrow Offroad, Dan’s Customs and Repair), junk yards (like Hill-billy Auto Parts), auto parts stores (Advance Auto Parts-my favorite)and family owned local dealerships that always have one or two lifted Jeeps in their lot. The area is just simply “Jeep-friendly”. In fact, during one of our many previous visits, we drove past a junk yard with vehicles in various stages of rusting, that had a whole row of old Jeeps. There were Willys Jeeps, CJ2s, CJ5s, CJ7s and CJ8s, from what I could recognize. After the urge of wanting to buy each and every one of them went away, I wanted to photograph them. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera handy at the time. Now, as luck would find it, we can’t any more (find it that is-the lot, not the camera), which is very unfortunate. Ever since then, we dedicate at least one drive to looking for it, so far to no avail. Anyway, we made sure to remember to not forget (yep, that’s what it takes) to bring the camera for Thanksgiving. we photographed nice scenery an abandoned old lifted pick-up truck, a salvage yard advertisement in Knoxville, a street of abandoned buildings in Knoxville, an old highway tarring vehicle (I think…maybe), and an old abandoned house. We hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving like we did.

Old Chevy or Ford pick-up with a lift…

Old abandoned house not far from the pick-up…

Knox Rail Salvage in Knoxville. Looks like an old water tank from the wild west…

Abandoned Knoxville industrial building…


Crack…this way…

Beautiful Tennessee lake view…

A portion of (valve maybe) the paver concrete thingy…vehicle

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Jason Takagi says:

    Awesome writing style!

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