Storage modification

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, like most who own a Jeep and are slightly fanatical about it, I realized I needed to have more things accessible in the storage compartment (trunk), and needed to de-clutter the storage box I was putting everything in. While at Home Depot earlier this week, I observed some handles that are made for gate doors. I thought they might be useful to hang things off of in the back of the XJ. I already had a Maglite flashlight I needed to mount in the back and figured something needed to be done to the other side. I bought a couple of those gate handles, and went home. Yesterday, I mounted the flashlight on the driver’s side rear panel just below the window in the storage compartment, and the handles on the opposite side. I must say; I was fairly proud of myself. It did what I wanted, and it looked cool. I’ll probably end up installing at least one more, without going crazy.

Said item bought at Home Depot. Cheap too…

Fairly simple operation: four screws and some elbow grease, and it is screwed in like it belongs there…

Now, I can hang whatever I want off them. On one, I hung a small pouch with a MOLLE system…

On the other, a bungee and a pair of Mechanix gloves, leaving room for more…

On the other side (driver’s side), I installed my flashlight…

The only hard part was ensuring the mounts were straight. Now, my flashlight is easily accessible…and it looks cool…

  1. John Welsh says:

    Very nice. I had thought about doing something similar but using a shower bar but I like your idea better.

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