The Jeep Cherokee XJ

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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First, let me say that “Kiplinger” has found that the Jeep Cherokee XJ, is one of the top ten cars that “refuse to die”. That’s great news! I will relay that to my 12 year old 4.0 as a reminder it’s not allowed to let me down. Actually, I think what they meant was that it endures on, even though it isn’t made any more. Anyway, I found the article on CNN’s website.


Here is a screen shot of the article…

Second, I wanted to share the photos I had kept of all the XJs I had selected as “maybes” when I was looking for one to buy. I had reviewed and reviewed many many eBay and Craigslist posts and pictures before I decided to buy mine. Of course, some were great, but just too far. Others I liked, but as I tried to whittle down the number of contending XJs, I would re-read the ads. More then a few times, as I re-read these adds, I noticed things I hadn’t before, that I didn’t want to deal with. A few times I fell upon the words “death wobble”, which I certainly didn’t want to put up with. So, that rig would get deleted from the group of contenders. Others were simply too far for me to get if I did buy it. Mine was in Pennsylvania, which wasn’t too far and took most of a day to pick up and bring back. The photos below are some of the past contenders. I thought I’d keep these because they were just nice rigs/Jeeps.


This one is really nice. I like the snorkel…and of course; the stickers…


This one is nice and seems capable…


This one I liked as well. Way too far to pick up-California…


This one is one of my favorite. Just seems solid…20111220-151842.jpg

I liked this one too. Particularly the winch and bumper…


I like how this one looks clean and simple. No fender trimming which is rare…


I really like the rear quarter panel guards on this one…and the color…

There were more, of course, but these kind of sum it up. I wanted an XJ that already had a lift and a roof rack. I had a lift installed on an ’04 Wrangler, and it was a pain. I just wanted one that was already done, and done right.
I still do a search every now and then to see what’s out there, and there seem to be a lot less of them for sale nowadays.

Disclaimer: if you find your XJ here, it was probably on eBay in the past (or still is), and I liked it enough to keep one of the photos. Sorry I didn’t do the research to ask for permission, but instead figured that posting it, was permission enough. In conclusion, if you find your Cherokee here; nice rig!


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