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So it turns out, the Rescue Green color became famous when the concept vehicle; the Jeep® Rescue was shown as a concept vehicle for Jeep in 2004.  It also turns out that the Jeep® Unlimited; the 4-door Wrangler JK was the result of the Rescue.  I think it’s fairly adequate to have named that green Rescue Green. Very fitting.  Of particular interest, is the badging of the vehicle; a black cross on a red background with the word “RESCUE” written horizontally.  The badge was located in the same place as the “Sahara” badge was located on the older TJ and the new JK. 

The articles I found were interesting since it ties in to the color of my XJ.  I’m sure mine is nowhere near as capable as the Rescue itself, since the Rescue was reported to have been outfitted with infrared cameras, undercarriage cameras, satellite telephone, 37″ tires, etc… However, while I was perusing the internet, looking at the links on “Jeep Directory”, I found “OKoffroad”, and noticed they were selling 6″ and 11″ “RESCUE” decals.  Of course, I ordered a couple…


Feast your eyes on this...


And this...


Rescue Badge

I don’t know about you, but I know I would trade just about anything in (just not my XJ) for a Rescue if they ever went into production…
  1. Jen says:

    Looks just like the new JK!

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