The XJ bares more stickers

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well folks, I added some stickers again.  To be exact; I removed some, and added some.  I added the “Rescue” badging sticker on both sides, where you would normally find the model identifier (like “Wrangler”).  I’m still not quite sure if it will stay on there forever…we’ll see.  I added some stickers of locations I’ve visited and changed some of the ones that were already on there with better ones.  No! I am not going sticker crazy.  At least I don’t think so…yet.  I do think the XJ looks better now. 

Stickers on the Driver's side that depict locations visited...Rescue badging sticker as well...

On the passenger’s side, I’ve added: Jeep Garage (, North American XJ Association (, and OK Offroad…

...and passenger's side which includes clubs, forums, and components...Rescue badging as well...


THIS is sticker crazy!!!!!

  1. frank says:

    good looking rig. i like that you use the back side windows for the sickers. you can disply and advertise without restricting your view .

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