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So I’ve added some stickers since the last “Stickers” post of October. I added the Jeepz one of my favorite),,,, Military Jeepers, Northern Virginia Jeepers stickers, as well as ProComp, Rough Country, and Smittybilt (my favorite). I love the way the window looks with all of them there. I have a few more I am waiting for, like the North American XJ Association one, and the XJTalk one. I hope it doesn’t look like I’ve gone crazy with stickers. I used to not want to have any… wow, how that changed.
Most of these, I got for free just by asking for them. Some came with the membership, like the Military Jeepers and Northern Virginia Jeepers stickers. The Hi-Jack one came with the actual Hi-Lift. All of the gear stickers are there because I have an actual item of the company, like the ProComp one. I’m waiting to see if JP magazine will send me one. The other side has stickers of places I’ve been to, and hasn’t changed since October…

New Stickers added to Rescue Green