‘Tis the season…

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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It’s almost Christmas. We decided to go for a walk and look at the Christmas decorations and wreaths people had adorned their homes’ entrances with, and take pictures. We were not disappointed. There was quite a selection. For the most part, they were all very tasteful. It never ceases to impress me how patriotic Old Town is. Flags and Christmas decorations alike graced nearly every home and we quickly became immune to the typical decorations – they had to really stand out to catch our eyes. How wonderful it is to have such a selection of beautiful decorations that we could be choosy about the eye candy. What does this have to do with Jeeps, you say? Well, just you wait, we’re getting there. Plus…aren’t Jeeps and Christmas in America pretty much synonymous?

The first of many we came across…

Patriotic, festive holiday plants…

Holiday and Patriotic spirit throughout…

Perfect combination…

Imagination certainly not on vacation here. Definitely original. One of our favorite…

Very naturesque…

Colorful and quaint…

Gold leaf apple wreath…yummy…

Cornucopia o’ wreaths for sale on the sidewalk…

Healthy wreath of pineapple, oranges, and apple. Amazing…

AWESOME Rubix cube Jeep YJ. I LOVE IT!

Another picture to feast your eyes on. I want it…

Rare looking Land Rover Defender, British tags and all. Very nice…

Not even five minutes later, a few blocks down the street; another one…

…And how can you walk past a beautiful CJ-7 without taking a picture?

After this delightful walk during which we witnessed the Old Town holiday spirit, and feasted our eyes on nice Jeeps as well as other nice vehicles, we couldn’t help but put a wreath on the front of our respective Jeeps.


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